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on: November 23, 2022, 04:05:31 am
Hello soldiers!

It's been a month again and we have deployed the patch content yesterday again.
This month we solved some issues, like the equipping of weapons, internal ID error bugging the rooms, giving out emblem according to the achievements.
We have also listened to the suggestions on discord and added new maps, and RGDS with 4 nades for nadejumpers!

We try to always listen to what YOU, the players have to say and we have tried to the BEST of our abilities to do that.

What are the future plans?
- Throughout the months we will keep doing these monthly patch content, along with events.

- There are plans in the pipeline to make a NEW client based on SF, keeping the same mechanics and the same feel of SF BUT with improved FPS and having full control of what we can make :D (new complete maps/new modes/new features)

There is no current ETA as it's still work in progress and the amount of work still has to be calculated, but it has started!

If you have any more questions, leave on this thread :D
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