Battle for Glory Tournament

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on: April 29, 2022, 11:17:20 pm

IMPORTANT: Anydesk and discord is required if your team wants to join.

WHAT: Battle For Glory Soldier Front Reborn Official Tournament for May
WHEN: May 14th to 15th (Saturday and Sunday)
TIME: 01:00 PM to 05:00 PM (GMT+8)

Tournament rules details:

Character: Force Recon (PREDEFINED SET)

Weapons and Nades: Default skins.

Nades: Default skins FB, M67, M18 Smoke.

Melees: Default M9.

Team Members WOC:

4 M4A1/AK74
1 PSG-1


Anydesk and Discord are required. Moderator will join team discord room and will anydesk the player from the login up until the dedicated room match.

Waiting time
Maximum of 15 minutes for waiting time. Team will be automatically disqualified when they don’t have 5 players in the room present at the time of their match.

Ghosting rule
When you die and you're stuck on your dead body, you cannot make any call for your team. If you get caught doing this a disqualification can follow.

Bug nades
Do not abuse any bug nade. For example: Not throwing nades through the wall.

Trash talk
Any public trash-talk can follow into a disqualification. We want a clean and nice tournament games going. Does the enemy trash talk to any of team member in the lobby or during the match. Just take a screenshot or record it and show it to the hosts of the tournament. Do not try to fight it back else you can also be disqualified from the tournament.

Disconnect rules
Every team gets 1 chance to RE after a disconnect in the match. After you used that RE and your player proceed to disconnect during the game, your team needs to let a sub player join the game or continue to play 4 vs 5.

Once the player was in the room, player is not allowed to leave.

If player got disconnected, player will need to record the login part with the task manager shown up until going to the room and starting the game.


Immortal White Series (Permanent) 1 WOC
Speed Package (30 Days)
30 Days Color Codename  & Shovel

2ND PLACE - Immortal Black Series (30 days)
Speed Package (14 days) & Color Codename
14 Days Shovel

3RD PLACE - Drill Series (14 Days)
Speed Package (7 days) & Color Codename
7 Days Shovel

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