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on: May 18, 2022, 06:11:40 pm
Through this challenging month, we have still been improving and updating our systems and game!

The most recent update was GUARDIAN. With the massive ban wave detection that hit and wiped most of the hackers, and our continuous detection!

As well as hosted another CASH tournament, with more tournaments with bigger prizes to come

Web updates:
  • Some UI and internal fixes
  • Made You are not allowed to view links. Register or Login available to the public, to show player rankins/clan ranking and as well FINALLY releasing the clan system! (create your own clan/guild)
  • Fixed login in account and clan to be not case sensitive
  • Paypal added to the webshop

Game updates:
Our most recent updates were the clan system and clan mode working!

For pub clans, points are recorded based on the round won and for competitive clans and ELO based rating is used.

Also activated playtime events and gave out attendance coupons as a compensation for the recent problems with guardian
  • Clan system for pub and comp clans
  • Visible clan logs!
  • Recording hours for playtime event (prizes to be given out later on)
  • Channel 5 is only accessible to competitive clans to record ELO rating, Channel 4 can be played by anyone in a clan
  • Scrim channel (ch5) is only joinable if you have a clan that is enabled as competitive in the clan page (ELO points are calculated in this channel)
  • Upgraded channel 4 and channel 5 performance!
  • Rank restrictions removed from channel 8 but still applied on ch10-ch13
  • KDA calculated ingame instead of in database
  • Saving clan matches to be displayed on the website @TODO record which player was in the match
  • Port forwarding system has been implemented again :D
  • Redeeming coupons is now working

More updates to come!!! Including new game modes, better patches, fixing INGAME bugs like scoreboard/ui/death cam and improvements in buying from the ingame shop/opening packages (slow down)
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